Larry Krackle - Author

Larry Krackle

PO Box 852

Buckley, Wa.



253 222 9705

Larry Krackle is a type-A personality with eclectic talents. He is an artist, author, illustrator, musician, photographer and an avid outdoorsman. He studied Art and Journalism in high school and filled the position of Editorial Cartoonist. At Washington State University he studied Graphic Arts and Architectural Delineation. He graduated with a BA in Landscape Architecture.


Larry is president of several companies under Krackle Group:

Paradise Landscape

Paradise Herbfarm

Krackle Publishing

Krackle Photography

Lorenzo Illustrations

And co-owner of Catherine's Cards 


He currently lives in a log house in the Pacific NW with his wife Cathy and a flock of chickens. They enjoy gardening, traveling and outdoor activities.